Certificate of Deposit

Certificate of Deposit (Share Certificate of Deposit)

A Certificate of Deposit provides you with the opportunity to earn higher rates of interest by choosing a commitment to a term of deposit.  The longer the term of your investment, the higher the rate of interest that is paid to you.  Terms range from six months to sixty months.

Term of InvestmentMinimum Balance To OpenMinimum Balance To Earn Interest (Dividends)Compounding FrequencyInterest (Dividend) RateAnnual Percentage Yield
4 Months$500$500At Maturity0.350%0.350%
6 Months$500$500Monthly0.400%0.401%
9 Months$500$500Monthly0.450%0.451%
12 Months$500$500Monthly0.750%0.753%
15 Months$500$500Monthly0.900%0.904%
18 Months$500$500Monthly1.000%1.005%
24 Months$500$500Monthly1.250%1.257%
30 Months$500$500Monthly1.500%1.510%
36 Months$500$500Monthly1.750%1.764%
48 Months$500$500Monthly2.000%2.018%
60 Months$500$500Monthly2.250%2.273%
Rates effective 6/8/2018