Unsecured Personal Loans

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There are times when a borrower has no collateral to pledge for a loan or does not wish to pledge collateral for a loan. In both circumstances, Your Legacy Federal Credit Union strives to provide your loan on an unsecured basis (without collateral). With acceptable credit history and sufficient repayment capacity, we are able to normally approve small unsecured loan requests. With outstanding credit history and a strong financial position, we are able to approve unsecured loan requests in larger amounts. In short, the stronger the financial position, the more we are able to loan on an unsecured basis.

Pledging of collateral is normally superior to an unsecured loan because collateralized loans have less risk of loss and therefore are priced more favorably. However, as mentioned previously, collateral is not always available or desired. In such instances, Your Legacy Federal Credit will make every attempt to loan to its members on an unsecured basis when feasible.